Bio: Christian Oiticica is an artist working out of the Chicago area. Using his artistic strengths, photo and new media he works to communicate his intent. Using his understanding of photography he is able to create standing representations of intention with ceramics and digital fabrication and other new media techniques. In his photographic work he references photographs like Sally Mann, Henri Cartier Bresson, Jerry Uelsmann and Francesca Woodman. While in his recent work he has become very inspired by Helio Oiticica's installations, Jose Oiticica's photographic style, And Peter Voulkas's approach to clay.

Statement: Using new media I create imaginative worlds. Some are merely snapshots of an inaccessible dimension, and others take form as objects manifested from the capabilities of three dimensional printing. My environment is my inspiration. From the bus I take everyday, to the people I may never see again, and the structures they inhabit give me inspiration to create these alternative realities or dreamscapes. As a place for one to escape from reality. Using the compositions I capture through my lens, I create my own portrayal of the world through clay, plastic, and found objects. Like the way a computer program takes in raw data, I use my photographs as foundation for experimentations in sculpture. The work that I have been making recently has been focused on designing connective components that work together to make three dimensional compositions. I’ve referred to these as Emergent Structures.The forms created are influenced by calligraphic art and biological forms of life.